Benjamin Kim

Product Designer

Transforming complex business models into data-driven online experiences. Over 10 years designing SaaS applications for b2b and enterprise companies.

UX Methodology

  • Evaluate the business goals of the company and the needs of their users.
  • Investigate the challenges users have accomplishing their tasks and any roadblocks that may be encountered.
  • Formulate a heuristic task list, create initial workflows that leverage technology and design to make it easy for the user to complete objectives.
  • Create prototypes and iterate as fast as possible, by making the optimal design choices for the product shipment window.
  • Test, access results, iterate again.

Professional Experience

Able to collaborate with multiple business units across a company.

Experienced with wearing multiple hats (design, dev, product) from five years of working with early stage startups.

Able to balance and prioritize business and user requirements. Expertise in incorporating these requirements into a well-thought product development process.

Technology Skillset

Wireframing, prototyping, user interface and visual design, branding and marketing. Front-end development including: HMTL, CSS, Javascript and understanding of most development frameworks.

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